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  • Civilians on the Battlefield

Civilians on the Battlefield

  • Welcome to the Civilians on the Battlefield!

    Welcome to the Civilians on the Battlefield!

  • Wanted: Extras for military exercises

    Wanted: Extras for military exercises

  • Are you interested? - Then apply now!

    Are you interested? - Then apply now!

On diverse training areas within Germany the NATO Forces regularly conducts training exercises. In order to make the exercises as realistic as possible, a large number of Extras (COBs) are needed.

The safety of our participants has first priority. Strict rules and conditions have been established for the soldiers in association with COBs. All training maneuvers are performed exclusively with harmless blanks. For this purpose, all COBs are equipped with an infrared detector system (M.I.L.E.S.). The soldiers have special training weapons which are equipped with blank cartridges and an infrared emitter. Thus can be determined on the basis of acoustic signals, whether civilians would come to harm in a real situation.

Our Extras are role players in a fictitious village community in an alleged crisis region, e.g. the town major, the chief of police or a merchant. They portray everyday life in a realistic fashion and help the soldiers prepare for their upcoming assignments.

Our translators work directly with the exercising soldiers and accompany them during the exercises.

The exciting everyday life of our COBs was also featured in the German TV magazin Galileo on Pro7.  Click here for the video:

Are you interested in gaining experience by working as an Extra for the US Army and in addition earning good pay?

Then apply now!

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