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Extras and translators for the COB program.

Welcome to SST!

Extras and translators for the COB program!

SST is a temporary employment agency and has been acting on behalf of the US Army since 2006. We are specialized on providing civilian personnel as role players and translators for military exercises, the so called Civilians on the Battlefield or COBs.

Our COBs support the NATO Forces in their preparation for deployment to conflict regions. The objective of these exercises is for the soldiers to learn to properly interact with foreign cultures in different countries. With the help of our COBs they are familiarized with the language, religion, customs and morals.

We prepare our employees precisely for their roles in close cooperation with our customer, the US Forces and accompany them for the duration of the exercise. This approach develops the basis for ideal training results and supports the training for soldiers in a challenging environment.

To date the US Army COB program has an excellent reputation within the NATO Forces.

Current exercises & operations (News)